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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

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New York 2012 - Clive & Bruce wore out the Big Apple (click thumbnail for larger picture)

A week in New York, by Clive


Monday 28th May 2012 - 4.36 am, Early morning wake up call from Shaz ringing the door bell (Yay, not a happy New Yorker, LOL). 5.45 am, we left for Heathrow T5, we then checked in our luggage and went through security to departures. We walked around then had a drink. Dad told me to check the board for for our flight and it said New York Gate A17, but as we walked towards it at 8.05 Dad looked and it said B36 which was a shock, which meant we had to leg it to another terminal (B) and when we got to the plane and on board everyone was seated, We left the stand at 8.25 am and took off at 8.35 am - UK time.

New York - US Time - We arrived at JFK at 10.01 am. We then got the Airtrain to Howards Beach where we got the subway train to W4th Street then onto another to 49-50th Street and walked to the Edison Hotel for 1 pm (THE SUN SHINING). We got to our room with views to witness yourselves (views of another window of the hotel :-()

I went for a walk after Dad went out and walked to Central Park and back towards Times Square back and forth by the hotel. In the evening we went to an Italian restaurant. I shook hands with Mickey and waved to Minnie at Times Square.


NY Edison 3.jpg (33513 bytes)    NY Times Square 5.jpg (30378 bytes)    NY Times Square 14.jpg (32719 bytes)    NY Mean Fiddler 1.jpg (32747 bytes)


Tuesday 29th May 2012 - Up early 6 am, ready at 6.43 am. We left and went towards the West Side and had a bagel breakfast before getting on the CircleLine ferry from Pier 84 (where the plane landed on the Hudson - CircleLine were the first on the scene) round Manhattan, stopping to look at the Statue of Liberty and off around the island. We went past a berthed Queen Mary 2 and Pier 59 which is derelict as was meant to receive the Titanic and is now believed to be haunted/have a curse.

Afterwards we went on board the USS Growler submarine then on the USS Intrepid aircraft carrier and saw space travel in the hanger deck and to the flight deck where we saw the Blackbird SR-71 including other aircraft as the Harrier. Chatty lady on the desk said she went for a drive in England 5 years ago :-)  "BLOODY HOT AND HUMID - 90 degrees" so we go from building to building ASAP. We walked back to the hotel and had a drink in the Mean Fiddler, an Irish pub.


NY Liberty.png (39298 bytes)    NY GWBridge.png (44113 bytes)    NY WTC.png (32862 bytes)    NY Columbus Uni.png (48113 bytes)    NY Queen Mary.png (39269 bytes)  NY Intrepid 1.png (37985 bytes)        NY Intrepid 5.png (41639 bytes)    NY Intrepid 2.png (47714 bytes)    NY Intrepid 3.png (43493 bytes)    NY Intrepid 4.png (43157 bytes)    NY Mean Fiddler 1.jpg (32747 bytes)


Wednesday 30th May 2012 - Slept for 12 hours last night. A bit cooler today. We got up at 7 am and left for the Rockefeller Centre 'Top of the Rock', lift straight to the 67th and 70th floors with no glass screens and got the best views of Manhattan and all around the city, it was scary to be up so high. Went for a walk around St Patrick's cathedral, afterwards we walked along 5th Avenue to Grand Central Terminal and tried to think what was filmed there (Armageddon - Bruce Willis, 24, Untouchables). We then caught a train to 33rd Street, walked around the Empire State building to Macys on 34th Street, went shopping and bought some Boxers for $25. We then caught the subway to 49th Street which was very close to our hotel Edison and went for a drink in the Mean Fiddler.

In the evening we went for a walk round the city to the Port Authority Bus Terminal then to Bryant Park and up Broadway through Times Square stopping off at Toy Central Kingdom ToysRus then stopping at the Mean Fiddler before Dad headed back to the hotel while I went to see what Times Square was like at night.

NY Top of the Rock 1.png (37460 bytes)    NY Top of the Rock 3.png (41433 bytes)    NY Top of the Rock 2.png (32858 bytes)    NY 5th Avenue 2.jpg (30455 bytes)    NY Times Square 3.jpg (27066 bytes)    NY Bryant Park.png (40839 bytes)    NY Mean Fiddler 1.jpg (32747 bytes)


Thursday 31st may 2012 - Hot but not humid. Today we caught the subway to Carnegie Hall then caught another subway to Central Park and walked round the Strawberry Fields route and took a photo of Dad on John Lennons Imagine mosaic. We then took a walk to Bethesda Fountain and on to the Rambles and up to Belvedere Castle and then down to the Shakespeare Theatre. We then walked to the American Museum of Natural History (stuffed animals and stuff) and the Rose Museum (Big Bang and 13 billion years in 4 minutes). We then found the Dakota building where John Lennon was killed and took a photo of Dad. On the way back to the hotel Edison we stopped at the Mean Fiddler.

In the evening we went out for a meal to a YumYum (Thai) restaurant which I didn't like much. Afterwards we went for walk back to Times Square and when Dad went back to the hotel I went for a walk around Times Square to see what was on. A lot of people and 4 TV news crews while standing on a stage of red steps as everyone taking in the sights of Times Square. THIS BEATS LONDON BY A SHOT.

NY Central Park 1.png (43017 bytes)    NY Central Park 2.png (47843 bytes)    NY Strawberry Fields.png (50959 bytes)    NY Dakota Building.png (47761 bytes)    NY Buses Galore.png (50525 bytes)    NY Times Square 10.jpg (30435 bytes)    NY Times Square 20.jpg (33906 bytes)    NY Mean Fiddler 1.jpg (32747 bytes)


Friday 1st June 2012 - We left early to catch the subway from 50th - 14th Street to walk the High Line track for 2 miles then walked to Chelsea Piers where the QE2 and QM1 berthed. We then caught a yellow cab to Union Square and walked and walked to to find a bar and finally found one called Foleys NY Pub & Restaurant where a Belfast girl works and has been in NY for 12 years - "Foleys, an Irish Bar with a Baseball Attitude". After we left Foleys we headed to Madison Square Garden and Dad took a photo of me in front of the arena, then headed to Penn Station and caught a train to 72nd Street instead of 50th but made it back to the hotel by 2 pm. We watched 2 films before heading out to a pizza restaurant then headed back to the hotel.

NY High Line 1.png (53408 bytes)    NY High Line 2.png (50023 bytes)    NY High Line 3.png (45739 bytes)        NY Chelsea Pier.png (48063 bytes)    NY Mean Fiddler 1.jpg (32747 bytes)


Saturday 2nd June 2012 - We got up at 9 am, left by 9.30 and caught the subway to Brooklyn High Street to walk the Brooklyn Bridge after which we went to City Hall and took photos of it, a fountain and the biggest ketchup bottle I've ever seen. Then we walked to the World Trade Centre site (Ground Zero) and took a few photos of it. We spoke to a security guard and he was very close when it happened and wondering what had happened when he witnessed the plane hit and said NY was paralysed for 2 weeks. Then we walked to the Staten Island ferry terminal and caught a ferry to Governors Island, then we got the ferry back and walked to wall Street and caught the subway back to 49th Street and to the Mean Fiddler and met Bernard, another guy from Belfast. At 9.45 in the evening while we were watching a film on TV in the hotel the fire alarms went off and we headed downstairs to the lobby and outside to be met with 4 fire trucks which was joined by a cop car and more fire trucks. Dad said 'it's happened again', we saw a couple of firemen near the lifts of the hotel but they were going into the ballroom next to the hotel, and when we were allowed back in there had just been some smoke but no fire.

NY Brooklyn 1.png (41969 bytes)    NY Brooklyn 2.png (44355 bytes)    NY Brooklyn 3.png (42951 bytes)    NY City Hall 1.png (49225 bytes)    NY City Hall 2.png (47748 bytes)        NY NYSE.png (49692 bytes)        NY NYPD.png (47490 bytes)    NY Mean Fiddler 1.jpg (32747 bytes)


Sunday 3rd June 2012 - Today we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and saw some very interesting art and I like a painting by Maurice de Vlaminck, the Seine at Chatou that's worth $millions and Dad found a purple Dyson. We went through Central Park and found a boating lake with a lot of boats you can rent or take your own. We then walked back to the subway and saw an Israel Parade with drums and a lot of people before heading back to the Mean Fiddler for Fiddler French Fries. After we left the Mean Fiddler Dad went back to the hotel with a bottle of wine and I went for a walk around Times Square armed with a camera and went shopping for souvenirs for N and R and a few for me - LOL. This evening we did nothing much, Dad checked us in online with BA, I checked my Facebook and left a message.

NY Metropolitan Museum of Art 1.jpg (28205 bytes)    NY Metropolitan Museum of Art 15.jpg (26473 bytes)    NY Metropolitan Museum of Art 2.jpg (20353 bytes)    NY Metropolitan Museum of Art 4.jpg (17256 bytes)    NY Seine at Chatou.png (32393 bytes)    NY Metropolitan Museum of Art 6.jpg (18760 bytes)    NY Metropolitan Museum of Art 9.jpg (12304 bytes)    NY Metropolitan Museum of Art 11.jpg (26003 bytes)    NY Metropolitan Museum of Art 10.jpg (19285 bytes)    NY Metropolitan Museum of Art 12.jpg (19789 bytes)            NY Times Square 11.jpg (41899 bytes)    NY Times Square 1.jpg (33287 bytes)    NY Times Square 17.jpg (32764 bytes)    NY Times Square 16.jpg (37120 bytes)    NY Times Square 15.jpg (33470 bytes)    NY Mean Fiddler 1.jpg (32747 bytes)


Monday 4th June 2012 - LAST DAY IN NEW YORK - Today we walked to the United Nations building and went inside and had a look round the happenings of the world that the UN does. Afterwards we went back towards the hotel taking a few photos of the UN PIECE CLEANERS and and Dad in front of the Waldorf hotel and Dad took a video of Times Square and headed to the Mean Fiddler to see Sabrina for the last time and took a photo of Dad with a beer in front of the pub and me too.

We left the hotel at 5.15 pm to catch the E train subway to T7 at JFK. We got through security and sat down airside directly opposite the Plane - 747 400. Luggage started to load onto the plane at 7.50 and we boarded at 9.10, sat down at 9.15 and took off at 9.35pm (USA). We landed at LHW at 9 am (UK) and got in the terminal at 9.40, by 9.45 we got through Border Control, 15 minutes later we got our bags and at 10.15 we caught a NE coach to Woking, by 10.40 we bought our train tickets and by 10.43 caught the train to Farncombe and walked up to the house.

NY UN 1.jpg (29875 bytes)    NY UN 3.jpg (24668 bytes)    NY UN 2.jpg (28500 bytes)    NY UN 4.jpg (29320 bytes)    NY New York - Really.jpg (27787 bytes)    NY UN 5.jpg (36003 bytes)    NY Waldorf 2.jpg (29254 bytes)    NY Mean Fiddler 2.jpg (33254 bytes)   



The End (8 days, 192 hours, 6000 miles, 4 pairs of shoes)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


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